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This is all so close to happening! I feel like I’m in a dream. Very excited to be returning to the stage after such a long break. I literally hadn’t even touched a make-up brush in 13 years until just last week. It’s like riding a bicycle. You just don’t forget. However, my face isn’t the same as 13 years ago! Make-up (product) has really changed as well. I definitely wasn’t pleased with the foundation of late. I painted (my face) a couple times and then realized I was going to have to make a trip to the Mac cosmetics counter. Needless to say, all is well in the world of make-up again! Like most products in life, make-up is the same in the way that you get what you pay for. That little Mac bag that could hardly hold a few packs of Tic-Tacs can somehow manage to hold over $300 in make-up. The first thing I was reminded of during this “comeback” process was the sheer cost of putting together the complete drag look. It’s more expensive than golf and running combined! Good thing I’m still filthy rich! 😂

Some of you might not know, but I got involved with some extremely sociopathic business partners that exhausted me to the point of retirement 13 years ago. I was so over “it” that I sold EVERY stitch of drag that I owned and swore I’d never perform Anita again. When something is so inside you that it’s a part of you, it’s difficult to cease the existence of that energy. It has to go somewhere. It has to be expressed. The opportunity has presented itself for Anita to return and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The energy inside of me was dying to get out! Comedy/performance is in my DNA. I shouldn’t have ever let someone/something have so much influence over me to make me murder a part of me that NEEDS to exist and be expressed.

She’s coming back August 26th, 2023!!!! Onwards and upwards from here folks! Glad y’all are back for the ride! Hang on, it’s gonna be BUMPy! 😃


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